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Clic is a game where you play as an alien zoologist discovering an island on an uncharted planet, taking pictures of the new creatures you encounter along the way. Your objective is to explore the island and fill out your journal with pictures of the creatures you find as they go through their daily routines.

This was a final project for my Game Design course. My original team was disbanded and so I joined this one. The project was originally planned out with only 2 designers and so the workload wasn’t really there for a third.

I did what I could to help which was mostly importing and implementing all the assets created by the artists and creating the trailer at the end of it all.

I really like how the game turned out, it doesn’t have a super long play time but, instead it is super cute and relaxing and if you want to, you can really take your time with it to just get wrapped up in the world.

Clic: Bio
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