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When The Player Meets Avery
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Monster Loven

This is a narrative game created in RPGMaker about a cave explorer who stumbled a little too far and ended up in a realm of monsters where he meets Avery, a bird-like monster who contemplates eating him but decides to give him a chance.

From that point on, what happens is up to the player. Do you befriend Avery? Do you shrug them off? Or do you pursue romance?

Whatever you decide, the ending changes.

This was a really fun project to work on. There were only 3 of us working on it and we had decided to focus mainly on the story side of things, opting to use RPGMaker instead of Unity to make the visual novel aspect easier.

Each of us wrote an individual date between the player and Avery and collaborated on the in-between moments. There were definitely challenges as RPGMaker can be fiddly to work with, especially when trying to transfer scenes between people and making sure it all still works, but in the end we got a cute little dating sim that I am very happy with.

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