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The Town
Inside A House
The Town
The Town
Inside A House
Good End Mockup
Monster Designs

Ghost Stories

Play as a human who has wandered into a town filled with ghosts. Explore and uncover the mystery behind the story the children of the town have come up with.

Their parents say there is no monster under the bed.

...But is that really true?

This was a game jam game submitted as part of Brackey's Game Jam 2022.1

For this project I was in charge of art (modelling, specifically) and narrative design which was fairly new to me. Of course I have made art for solo projects but I hadn't really been in charge of art for a multi-person project. 

Because of this I got to know Maya just a little bit better.

Being able to create a narrative was really fun, too, especially since it's a subtle narrative that might take a bit to pick up on.

Ghost Stories: Bio
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